Organic Baby Care  Helan's Soothing Starch Bar is made from natural ingredients, it softens and refreshes the skin.


Who is this little man who whispers things in our ears while we are sleeping? Who takes us to a world of fantasy where everything is possible? The little man of dreams is a magic book that tells us to not be afraid of sleeping and dreaming. It is a pleasant and enjoyable story which includes beautiful illustrations and submerges us in a fascinating dream.


Never loose your pacifier again! This pacifier macrame holder is perfect for your baby or for any friends expecting. Hand made from 100% natural cotton and a wooden clip it can compliment any style and gender.


A classic new born gift, our cloud grasping toy is perfect for any baby or rainbow baby! Lovely wooden teether and rattle toy for babies in a minimalistic yet playful design. With its soft curves, it's easy to hold and light to shake.


Pronto Baby mini




Pronto Baby Maxi



The go-to accessory every new mum needs! Muslins are a great multipurpose gift to make the everyday just that little bit more enjoyable. The soft multi-use baby wrap is made from the finest quality Organic Cotton Muslin. The ideal baby shower gift for a baby boy or a baby girl.


Too cute to resist! 100% Genuine suede handmade baby moccasins


A minimalistic toy for little travelers. This fun wooden toy is beautifully designed and will keep your child entertained ensuring hours of imaginative play. Our wave & boat stacker toy became a bestseller ever since.